Thai Thai Barcelona


C/ Diputació 91

13hrs – 16hrs
20hrs – 00hrs

I’m forever papping on about the lack of authenticity generally found in global cuisine throughout Spain.

When not raw fooding, one of the few world foods that will have me climbing down off my wagon, (other than hot chocolate) is Thai food. I tell myself the high content of coconut makes it healthy.

Thai Thai (I don’t have a stutter – that’s the name of the restaurant) has the following foods for vegetarians:

vegetable tempura (pak tod)   €5.50
tofu in soy sauce with mixed vegetables (tofu song kreung) €6.00

spicy soup with mushrooms (tom yam hed) €6.00
soup with tofu and glass noodles (sopa Bangkok) €6.00

green papaya salad (som tam) €6.50

mixed noodles with peanuts and vegetables (pad Thai) €6
sticky rice €4.00
stir fried broccoli and vegetables in oyster sauce (pad pak) €4.50

Sadly and outrageously, there are absolutely no vegetarian Thai curries. Which is a liberty.

Desserts range from €4.50 – 6.00 and include mango and sticky rice (yum!), coconut custard pie, sticky rice with banana or fried banana with ice cream.

The staff is attentive and friendly.

Lovely Thai food in a commensurate atmosphere. Wonderful apart from the complete lack of Thai curry for veggies.

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