The Beach at Calpe, Valenciana

Calpe Beach, Costa Blanca


The resort of Calpe on the Costa Blanca is the ultimate in juxtaposition; a sandwich of lovely hills and a beautiful beach with a filling of disgusting, concrete abortions that took about as much imagination to conjure as a fart after a serious binge on baked beans.

Walking onto the beach at Calpe is like stepping into a pocket of paradise; if you’re not a dog that is. The long, curving stretch of sand lies unbroken by dividers and the gentle Mediterranean Sea lazily laps at the shore, creating an oasis that reaches for miles.

Palm trees do their best to separate the unsightly buildings from the sandy beach but if you sit with your back to the town, at least in spring or autumn, you could easily forget you were in such a hellish concrete jungle.

The most amazing features of Calpe’s beach lie at each end. To the south is an excellent climbing hill which juts out into the sea while at the north end stands the magnificent “Penon de Ifach”.


Penon de Ifach, Calpe, Costa Blanca

Penon de Ifach dominates the landscape around Calpe, Costa Blanca


Penon de Ifach is a huge rock that dominates the landscape and resembles a Cumulonimbus cloud. It’s an incredible sight and can be seen from any approach to the Costa Blanca town. Sadly the buildings around it are an insult to its natural wonder but it will remain long after they have crumbled and been replaced, hopefully by more thoughtful and sympathetic designs.

Back to the beach and in spring its a delightful place that doesn’t suffer the crowds of summer, yet still has a pleasurable climate and enough facilities open nearby to make your stay there very enjoyable and relaxing.

At night it is lit by soft, orb lights and the hills twinkle with far off street lights, almost like fireflies dancing about the rocky slopes.

If you could extract the abysmal concrete towers from the rest of Calpe it would be heavenly so the best you can do is enjoy the beach with your back to the town.

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