The Beach at Castelldefels, Costa Dorada, Catalunya

A panorama of the beach at Castelldefels, Catalunya


We’ve been in the vicinity of Barcelona and Sitges for the best part of a year now and while that may not seem like a traveller’s lifestyle we prefer to take things slowly. There is so much exploration to be done and we want to take in as much as possible before thinking about moving on, and Castelldefels which lies about halfway between the two is an ideal destination.

The C-32 runs along the coast and it’s a road we’ve driven plenty of times but normally without stopping. We decided to buck that trend and head to Castelldefels for a picnic on the beach before an afternoon of adventure in Parc del Garraf.

Castelldefels beach is absolutely huge; a narrow, unbroken stretch of sand which runs for around two miles and offers the kind of Mediterranean experience holidaymakers long for. The golden sand isn’t too fine and because of the space available it’s not unusual to see land yachts, kite flyers and joggers in the cooler months who are replaced, for the most part, by families and large groups of tourists in the summer months.

Late February is a good time to visit any beach in Catalunya, especially as a dog owner because you can still legally walk them there.


Lunchtime at Castelldefels beach

Lunchtime at Castelldefels beach brings the outdoor lovers out to play. Sweep found this kite quite disconcerting and barked relentlessly until it behaved.


During our picnic we watched several groups of keep fit fanatics doing their huge routines of running and push-ups, couples walking dogs, people flying kites (much to Sweep’s concern) and a general relaxing in the sun against a backdrop of green hills that form the seaward wall of Parc del Garraf.

Castelldefels beach is a lovely place to while away a day or two but we only spent a few hours there soaking up rays and munching our organic fare before getting twitchy for adventure. It was hot in the sun but the wind made it feel cold so we headed inland to find the castle (castell) which gave this Catalan town half of its name (click here to read about it).  We also found a wild camp spot in the castle grounds.

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