The Brief History of Barranco Blanco, Andalucia

Old houses in the area around Barranco Blanco were used by Nazis

Barranco Blanco is a beautiful and magical place straight out of a fairy tale. It is not an easy place to find but is worth the search (you can read about ours here). The serenity and calm it offers are all thanks to its stunning location, vegetation, wildlife and waterfall, but its past is altogether darker.

Barranco Blanco was used as a Nazi training camp during the Second World War thanks to the love affair between Hitler and Franco.

Driving in from the main road, passing the water tower, there is a small white building on the left which was originally a sentry point. Around the waterfall there are more house which are now in a total state of disrepair; walls collapsing, roofs all but gone and natural overgrowth claiming back what man once tried to pervert.

These houses were also part of the Nazi military complex where SS soldiers would train in the heat of the Andalucian sun, safe in the knowledge that the Allied Forces would not enter Spain and ruin the party.

Nature has reclaimed the land from evil Nazi occupation at Barranco Blanco

Nature has reclaimed the land from evil Nazi occupation at Barranco Blanco.

So the story goes, due to his deep friendship with Hitler, Franco actually changed Spain’s timeline to the same as Germany’s, even though it should by rights be the same as the UK.

Today, almost all evidence of Franco’s existence has been erased from the face of Spain and it is only by digging deeply that one can find a nugget or two. For a country that has noise in its DNA the silence surrounding Franco is deafening.

Thankfully the dusty remnants of Nazi occupation have been swept into the ether by time, nature and selective memory, leaving on a beautiful place in which to meditate, relax, bathe and enjoy yourself.

Nature has a wonderful way of righting man’s wrongs and Barranco Blanco is living testament to that fact.

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