The Cake’s Garden – Barcelona


C/ Petritxol, 8
(just off Portaferrissa)
Gothic Quarter

Monday to Saturday 10hrs – 20.30hrs

I’m quitting sugar soon – my only remaining vice (and a biggy) – before my eyes caramelize and my spine rots. I figure why wait. In the meantime, it’s important that you good people are made aware of the good spots in Barcelona to get your hands on this most popular of white powders, marginally less damaging than the other one that put Colombia on the map.

The Cake’s Garden is one of these all very fashionable cupcakeoriums – or at least that’s what they should be called. Or Cupcakeria in Spain. Anyway, it’s a beautifully presented little shop with pretty girls sending sweet smack to unsuspecting sugarheads and drooling boys.

There is a vast array of flavours and each is named after celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Wendy Craig, Tom Bosley and Sophia Loren. The Madonna for example tastes of plastic surgery, media hype and inflated ego. Mmmmmmm. In reality the flavours are lemon and coconut, milk chocolate, passion fruit, vanilla, red velvet, blueberry etc.

It’s a lovely shop and the cakes are chunky and lovingly displayed. The toppings are big creamy coronets of sugary perfection. They also have dinky ones for those who realise an entire cupcake will send them into a sugar coma.

Sadly, there are no vegan options here. However, these are the best cupcakes I’ve had in Barcelona, if not Spain. The consistency is light like licking a cloud’s perineum and the topping is soft and as addictive as smack.

They also sell bonbons, cookies, brownies and other cakes and tarts, although the main focus is definitely on the cupcakes.

The whole of calle Petritxol seems to be a sugar junkies’ paradise. Petritxol the chocolate shop is nearby as is another sweety shop that specialises in turrons.


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