The Cares Gorge Adventure – Cain in Pictures

Hostal La Ruta is undoubtedly a busy haunt for hikers in the summer. Cain was quiet when we arrived.


The memorabilia store with its Kodak sign in pride of place. There was much to buy but nothing I wanted.



The peaks circle Cain and views beyond are obscured by the jagged teeth of the Picos de Europa.


The Picos de Europa is a magnificent mountain range which although small compared to the Pyrenees is a condensed playground of marvels and wonders.


The sun creates a relentless source of inspiration as it hangs purposefully above the mountain peaks. Cain is a dot and I am an atom.


The few houses and restaurants cling together in the shadow of the Picos de Europa but talking to the locals here the sense of community is very strong.


Sweep and one of his smelly friends in Cain. He loves a smelly that one does.


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