The Cares Gorge in Pictures – Gallery 1

The road leading into Poncebos can get exceptionally busy so during the summer be sure to arrive early otherwise you face the risk of up to another 4km on your hike.


The Cares Gorge is hidden among the vast array of peak within the Picos de Europa.


A sense of the walls closing about you is an all too familiar feeling and yet the massifs are so vast that you never feel trapped.


The still water of the Rio Cares is clear and inviting but sadly polluted. There was not much in the way of life to be seen on there.


Sweep sizes up the scale of the walk ahead. He loves a walk that one does.


The Cares Gorge stretches away into the distance. The farmhouse was our first stop.


The farmhouse is derelict but still attracts walkers and mountains goats alike.


Sweep wanted to stop for a chat with Fantastic Cliff.


Fantastic Cliff however was not in a talking mood.


I couldn't resist a climb. The views were too tempting.


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