The Castle at Morella, Valenciana

At the base or Morella's castle


The jewel in Morella’s crown is its medieval castle that perches in ruins atop the huge rocky spur around which the town was built. From every approach the castle is seen reaching high into the clouds where vultures and eagles share the great blue promontory above.

The castle is truly a spectacle and at the time of its completion would have been a masterpiece worth fighting for control of. The lower walls, still perfectly intact, create a strong contrast with the crumbling and broken walls of the castle proper but today, for me at least, it serves as a reminder of a time when dedication to the art of construction was as highly prioritised as the paranoia which led to such things being built.

Indeed it was fought over many times and in the 13th century it was won back from the Moors at the hand of Jaime I who valued it so much he refused to hand it over to the crown, a deed which led to further bloody conflict.


Morella's Castle

Morella's Castle viewed from Plaza Iglesi


Its doors are open to the public on a daily basis and costs 2 euros for children and 3 euros for adults. Pensioners also get concessions and on Tuesdays it seems admittance is completely free.

Once through the entry way the old stone walls encircle the remains of the castle and elevate hundreds of feet above the plain. From here the views are spectacular although I can’t help feeling that the best view is of Morella from a distance. I have never been quite so amazed by a place as the first time I laid eyes on the citadel.

Morella and its castle should definitely have a place on your travel itinerary for to miss this remotely located gem of Spain would be a travesty.

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