The Castle Monument Colomares, Benalmadena, Andalucia

Castle Monument Colomares, Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Andalucia


On our way to the interesting Torremolinos (read a dreadful) we encountered an amazing spectacle. As we followed the winding road out of the extremely pretty Benalmadena Pueblo, there, above the tree tops were spires and turrets of a most ornate fashion. Castle Monument Colomares awaited.

At first we couldn’t tell if it was a proper castle or something else as it seemed a little on the small side but as we rounded the final corner and pulled up we could see it was a tourist attraction of the highest order.

Entrance to Castle Monument Colomares is only 2 euros per adult and 1.50 for children and pensioners. It is a lavishly detailed miniature castle which is dedicated to the adventures of Christopher Columbus in 1492 along with Isabel de Castilla, Luis de Santangel, Rodrigo de Triana, Juan de la Cosa and Diego de Arana amongst others.

Castle Monument Colomares, Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

Ships, anchors and towers littler the site of Castle Monument Colomares at Benalmadena, Costa del Sol.

Construction of the monument began in 1987 after design work by Dr. Martin Stephen Martin was completed and took seven years to build. It is made from brick, stone and concrete and was intended to be a ‘unicum’ to depict the discovery of America by Columbus.

Dr. Martin is an art history enthusiast and architectural aficionado and his work at Castle Monument Colomares would make Spanish architectural maestro, Antoni Gaudi, a very proud man.

The monument contains various architectural styles from Byzantine and Romanesque to Gothic and Mujedar, uniting them all in one glorious site which is complimented by fountains, statues and the surrounding countryside.

For the modest entry fee it is very much a recommended visit, even if you don’t spend very long at the site it’s one of those rare gems waiting to be unearthed amongst so much modern rubbish that leaves a lasting impression.

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