The Chapel at Parc de Lourdes, Arenys de Mar, Catalunya

chapel at parc de lourdes, arenys de mar


Arenys de Mar lies just south of the Costa Brava along the N-II on the Costa del Meresme. The main street, Riera del Bisbe Pol is somewhat lacking in attractions but a little exploration from its many branches reveals some hidden treasures, not east the chapel in Parc de Lourdes.

For some reason the Spanish authorities are obsessed with not allowing dogs into natural places and Parc de Lourdes is no different. As we entered the park we were greeted by signs depicting dogs with red lines through them which to me is utterly ridiculous.

We chose to ignore the signs and took Sweep with us as we explored the well kempt plateaus of the multi-levelled park which is half covered by deciduous trees and foliage, amongst which nestle benches, pathways and the chapel.


pulpit at the chapel in parc de lourdes, arenys de mar

The pulpit at the chapel in parc de lourdes, arenys de mar.


A dozen or so stone pews sit in a concrete circular area at the front of which is a pulpit atop a staircase and a closed off shrine to the virgin Mary. The christian cross is emblazoned upon the stone. The whole area falls under the parish of Santa Maria.

Sadly the little open air church has come under attack from vandals and graffiti now adorns the dais, stairwell and a few pews.

The chapel is well shaded by trees and I imagine during the summer months a service here is a very pleasant experience with the choir of birdsong to accompany the religious messages spoken by the padre.

I have been unable to find information about the chapel in Parc de Lourdes or when it was built so a return visit will hopefully yield better results.

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