The Day I Met a Praying Mantis in Sitges


One of the great things about Spain is its wealth of wildlife. It’s like a sweet shop of colours and varieties that surprise and delight all at once. Except you don’t eat them.

Whether on land or in the sea, the plethora of species thriving in Spain are vast and inspiring, from the eagles and vultures in the Picos de Europa and Pyrenees to the giant headed ants that scuttle about like heavyweight champions of the insect world.

I got to meet one of my favourite bugs on another sunny afternoon in Sitges. I was heading to the beach with Sweep when I spotted a raggedy looking thing clinging to the wall. A lovely bright green Praying Mantis was struggling up the side of the wall and closer inspection revealed that he’d been in the wars somewhat.

Knowing that the Praying Mantis isn’t poisonous and doesn’t bite I was happy to get close to him for some (hopefully) decent photographs.



One of his wings was ravaged and he was more or less staggering so I helped him up onto the top where he sat and basked in the sun for a while before starting his descent down the other side.

I have no idea where he was trying to go and I didn’t ask him but it was a wonderful ten minutes spent watching him. They truly are the ultimate in otherworldly beings; better than anything H G Wells or Ray Bradbury could conjure.



I feel we bonded in that time although he doesn’t have a Facebook account yet.

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