The Dog is Hot (vegetarian-friendly hotdog restaurant) – Barcelona

Calle Joaquin Costa, No 47
El Raval

I know what you’re thinking but no, they do vegan hot dogs (‘not dogs’) too – how cool is that?!

They have a massive range of options here both for the meat-eating hot dog lover and the not-meat-eating animal lover. In fact every option comes with the choice of either a meat dog or a tofu dog. With the tofu dog always – quite bizarrely – costing a euro more than it’s meaty dead body variety. It’s a crazy world we live in.

I have only included costs for the tofu dog as I’m assuming a carnivore is about as likely to look at this site as I am to join a bunch of pro-fur trade lobbyists.

So you can either choose one of the following:

Basicdog with onion and cheddar cheese; Rusticdog with rocket, tomato, cheese and oregano; Alfadog with mushrooms, olives and alfalfa; Guacadog with guacamole, fried onions and cheese; Green dog with green dressing, fried onions and sundried tomato; Specialdog with rocket, dried tomato, raw onion, guacamole and cheese. All options cost between €3.30 (for a kids tofu dog) and €5 for a Yourdog which contains potatoe puree, fried onion, jalapenos, sweet corn etc.

The Vegandog features sweetcorn, tomato, pepinillos and raw onion.

You can also make your own starting with a base of a tofu veggiedog in a wholewheat roll for €3.00 and you can then add ingredients such as raw onion, jalapenos, ricotta, mushrooms, alfalfa, rocket, olives, tomato ands soft cheese. Each costs between 0.30 and 0.80 per portion depending on its status.

I love this place. It’s cheap food on the trot. It’s vegetarian or vegan and depending on the additions, it’s not too unhealthy.

Bargain. More of this shit please Barcelona.

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