The Fall and Rise of Reginald Heron (Cormorant)

Reginald Heron - Saved by the wildlife animal sanctuary in Catalunya


The last few weeks have been eventful on the animal front and as I reported some days back one particular rescue involved a certain Cormorant by the name of ‘Reggie’. Reggie washed up stricken on the beach at Sitges and on the way to the vets we were intercepted by the police who called the wildlife protection agency – Direccio General del Medi Natural.

Reggie the Cormorant was taken away to a sanctuary where he was given good care and is now recuperating. I received a letter from them explaining that they treat around 10,000 animals every year and that they were grateful to us for helping him.

It was a rare honour to get close to a bird of Reggie’s size and I’m utterly useless at ignoring sick, injured or helpless animals – a trait which brings its own unique brand of chaos. He was no exception; I love all animals.


Letter from Direccio General del Medi Natural

The letter from Direccio General del Medi Natural letting us know Reggie was safe and well.


It is heartening to know that there are so many people in the world who are willing to take care of animals and with the current financial plight of Spain and the new austerity measures the situation is set to get worse. I will cover that in another post as it’s something affecting me currently.

You can read about the day we found Reggie by clicking here. 

Catalunya’s wildlife agency (Direccio General del Medi Natural) is a very well organised group who have animal’s best interests at heart. If you need to contact them because of an injured wild animal you can find them here:


Ctra. Sabadell/Sta. Perpetua, km 4.5

08130 Santa Perpetua de Mogoda

Tel: 93 561 70 17 or 93 560 00 52


Please leave your comments or questions in the box down there or talk about Direccio General del Medi Natural on our forums by clicking here.

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