The Free Art Gallery at Pals, Catalonia

A tree stump sits in the lobby at the gallery in Pals, Catalonia

The entrance to the free gallery in Pals, Catalonia is adorned by an old tree stump and various sculptures.


Hidden among the many spectacles nestled within the age old stone walls and arches of Pals in Catalonia is a lovely little art gallery which sits above a wine distributors. The gallery does not charge an entry fee but they do accept contributions.

A very kindly old man was at the helm on the day we visited and he welcomed all three of us, including Sweep, to explore the halls and rooms of the grand old house and its artistic wares.

Upon entering the gallery we were greeted by a bust and a wicker witch in the lobby and ascending the internal, open air staircase we headed into the gallery proper.

I’m no aficionado on art but the gallery at Pals displayed some lovely works reminiscent of Impressionist pioneers such as Paul Gaugin which captured scenes from Souks in Marrakesh, snowy hills of India and portraits of indigenous folks.


A bust in the lobby of the gallery in Pals, Catalonia

Once of the sculptures in the lobby at the free gallery in Pals, Catalonia


It isn’t a bog gallery but it is free and there’s enough to keep you occupied for an hour; ample respite from the Catalan sun which can be fierce in the summer months.

The wine cellar on the ground level is accessed through the gallery’s lobby but as a non-drinker I didn’t pay it much attention. There were huge racks and barrels with a particular red wine at the forefront but again, as someone with no interest in wine I didn’t make a note of its name. I regret that now. Silly me.

In summary, the free gallery at Pals is a nice retreat with some interesting pieces of work adorning the walls of a beautiful old house which itself is worthy of a visit. If you find yourself in the area drop in for a taste of wine and culture at little cost.

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