The Jewel of India restaurant – Calahonda, Costa del Sol

Jewel of India, Calahonda
Sitio de Calahonda Beach
29650 Calahonda
Costa del Sol

We went here purely because we were hungry and it was the nearest place, having just spent a blustery hour on the beach with Sweep on a particularly wind-swept May evening in the Costa del Sol.

The food was pretty good – especially since a lot of the Indian food I’ve tried in Spain has been quite poor. The portions were of a normal size and the food bursting with flavour and spices. We had a palak paneer, some kind of aubergine (eggplant) spiced number and naan bread. We also had the obligatory popadoms with pickles and mango lassis.

Jewel of India, Calahonda - vegetable paneer thingy

Jewel of India, Calahonda - vegetable paneer thingy

Overall the quality was pretty good. We had no complaints about the taste – everything was served hot and we were grateful of the warm spices after such an uncharacteristically chilly Spring day on the south coast of Spain.

The Jewel of India is the second good quality Indian restaurant we’ve encountered on this stretch of Spain. There is also an exceptional restaurant called Taj Palace very close by in Cabopino – and if I had to pick between the two, the restaurant in Cabopino would top this one as the food was tastier an the ambience superior, however, I can’t really fault The Jewel of India.

The meal cost over thirty euros, which is quite expensive for a vegetarian meal for two without wine or desserts, but it was very satisfying. The best element of the food was the hot and buttery kulcha naan.

Jewel of India, Calahonda - kulcha naan (unlike the queen who is a cultured nan)

Jewel of India, Calahonda - kulcha naan (unlike the queen who is a cultured nan)

We were the only schmucks sitting outside (as we had our hairy and handsome companion) but the restaurant seemed popular with English expats.

Good Indian food with several vegetarian options on the Costa del Sol.
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