The Lemon Tree Blooming in February

Lemon Tree in February


I spoke to a Catalan friend about global warming while enjoying a hot chocolate in Sitges recently and we both agreed that there have been aberrations in the seasons in the past few years, with Spring appearing in late November, the usual April/May storms not arriving until mid July and last February seeing record high temperatures.

This year it’s been windy in February and temperatures have been lower but the lemon tree in my friend’s garden is in full bloom, something it didn’t muster until April last year.

I’m grateful that the lemon tree is producing fruit now as we use so much lemon juice in our food and I’m a great believer is self sustainability but that’s where my love affair with aberrant seasons ends.


A lemon picked from the tree in February

The fruits of February: This lemon is an indication that climate change is undeniable.


The environmental cost has been high this year with record numbers of birds dying due to nesting early and falling foul of low temperatures. Plant life is as confused as the birds and a lot of trees have also started to blossom early.

The argument of man-made global warming vs natural climate change is a null point because whatever the case the evidence is undeniable and the planet is in a state of confusion. Some fingers point towards the Deep Horizon disaster of 2010 which has had a direct impact on the Global Conveyor Belt, the currents which carry vital minerals around the oceans and keep temperatures within correct levels around the planet.

One lemon tree doesn’t equal a planetary disaster but its early blooming is an indicator that all is not well with global weather systems and that we should be vigilant and consider how we treat the earth as we walk on its back.

Enjoy the lemons but respect the planet.

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