The Lighthouse at Cabo de Mayor, Santander, Cantabria

The lighthouse at Parque Cabo de Mayor in Santander is a wonderful spot to view the sea and walk the dog.


A bluff stretches out into the sea giving excellent panoramic views of the area


The end of the bluff is only 5 minutes walk from the lighthouse and care is needed as one side is a sheer drop to certain death. Not that I'm trying to add drama to this gallery.


The rocks that make up the coastline are angled plates, laid down like the aftermath of a domino rally.


Nothing phallic about the lighthouse at all.


I have no idea what this is all about.


Parque Cabo de Mayor is north east of Santander. The gates leading to the light house close at 8pm and beware of the overpriced, under-quality restaurant and expensive gift shop in the car park.

You can find the lighthouse here:


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