The N-332, Coastal Motorway, Costa Blanca

The uglier side of the N-332 coastal road, Spain


It may seem an odd thing to write about a motorway but for me there is no road in Spain that captures the juxtaposition between the natural beauty of the landscape, mountains and sea, and the impact of cheap package holidays or general financial desperation than any other.

The N-332 runs parallel to the sea and stretches along the Costa Blanca; an area of Spain hit by tourism than just about any other. It crosses the back of Calpe, Alicante and Benidorm and passes sights like Puig Campana (the highest mountain in the range standing at 1406m) and Aitana (the highest peak in the area at 1559m).

Driving south on the N-332 it is best to keep your eyes dead ahead or to the right where the mountains and more picturesque landscapes lie.

And this is where that juxtaposition comes in because looking to the left will cast your gaze over th horrid, man-made cities of Benidorm, Calpe and Alicante with their unattractive, whitewashed, high rise insults to the work of nature.


The prettier side of the N-332 coastal road, Spain

mountains on one side, hideous wrecks of towns on the other and prostitutes and highway robbers down the middle - it's the N-332 coastal road in Spain.


Furthermore, dotted along the roadside dressed in next to nothing are predominantly eastern European girls selling their bodies to passing drivers. This type of roadside prostitution occurs all through Spain and France and in some cases is a scam to rob drivers.

The N-332 is a road of duality which highlights the best and worst aspects of Spain in a few hundred kilometres.

Nonetheless, it is a road worth travelling as long as you’re cautious as there are many scams aimed at robbing drivers (read about those here). The N-332 is a good route to some beautiful places such as Morella, Guadalest and on into the more sedate Andalucia.

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