The old walls at Tossa de Mar in pictures

The old walls at Tossa de Mar greet you as you arrive at the beach.


Although not too high the walls are still quite imposing from the rocks below.


Newer houses have attached themselves to the walls like barnacles under idle boats, thankfully in an aesthetically sympathetic way.


The views from the top are terrific and the churches are clearly visible landmarks. There was a time when these old relics would only have had each other for company.


The narrow ramparts encircle the houses within and for the dwellers here, privacy must come at a premium.


Statues and details litter the walls, all tasteful and deliberately interesting.


The cannons stand like rusty sentinels, so old and inactive they've forgotten their original violent purpose and now act as climbing activities for children and posing rests for tourists.


In their time these walls would have been formidable to any would-be incursions but according to history the only thing they have staved off is ocean spray.


The ancient chapel is currently being restored but in its current state it makes a much more interesting attraction.


By night the well lit walls are a lovely sight which conjure romantic notions of old fashioned heroes and damsels in distress.


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