The Only Indian Restaurant in Town – Bengal Tandoori, Sintra, Portugal

Bengal Tandoori is the only Indian restaurant in Sintra. It's surprisingly good too.

Bengal Tandoori is the only Indian restaurant in Sintra. It’s surprisingly good too.

It’s often the case that if someone manages to open a shop/factory/restaurant in a small place and it remains the only one of its kind, the owners can rest on their laurels a little and skimp on the quality at times, safe in the knowledge they have no competition.

Thankfully, Bengal Tandoori, in Sintra’s historic centre bucks the trend. Tucked neatly out of the way just behind the main square which houses the National Palace, this cosy Indian restaurant is welcoming, friendly and offers a wide range of Indian cuisine at very reasonable prices. So far so good then.

The décor is typically gregarious but fits in with the theme of Sintra. There is no shortage of tables either so even on a busy weekend you should be able to squeeze in. There’s an added bonus of a rear terrace, which although small is a lovely place to sit and eat in the hotter months.

We were especially pleased with Bengal Tandoori because they allowed us to take Sweep on the terrace, despite the fact that one waiter was absolutely terrified of dogs.

So, onto the food.

My Paneer Jalfrezi courtesy of Bengal Tandoori, Sintra - excellent stuff.

My Paneer Jalfrezi courtesy of Bengal Tandoori, Sintra – excellent stuff.

I enjoyed a Paneer Jalfrezi with a buttered Roti (a hot sauce with pieces of Indian cheese and a mix of peppers). I was offered rice which I declined but the waiter insisted we have it, giving it to us for free. Bonus!

Calypso had a platter which consisted of salad and Paneer Pakoras, a kind of battered envelope of cheese. They too were very good.

We had mango lassis (a yoghurt drink) to accompany the meals and they were fairly divine.

The service at Bengal Tandoori was excellent and the staff were extremely accommodating and willing to talk about the area, their restaurant and their own travels. The whole meal came to less than 20 euros which, for the amount of food we were given, seems very reasonable indeed.

The whole experience at Bengal Tandoori was very enjoyable, from the ambience and friendly staff to the food and the bill.

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