The Quiet Beach at Aiguadolc, Costa Dorada, Catalunya

The beach at Aiguadolc, Costa Dorada, Catalunya


It’s 23rd February 2012 and I don’t want to rub it on with all you poor folks living in cold countries, but I did spend this afternoon on the beach at Aiguadolc, Costa Dorada, Catalunya.

Today has been the hottest of the year so far at around 20 degrees but with little wind about it felt incredibly warm. We decided to pack a few things and head down to a beach away from the gathering throng of tourists and interlopers who invade the Costa Dorada even at this time of year.

Aiguadolc is north of Sitges and is a tiny village next to the yacht harbour. There’s a range of restaurants, boating related shops and clothing stores but they’re of little concern to me at the moment as had a picnic in my bag, don’t own a boat and don’t want to dress in the usual sailing uniform of overpriced designer jumpers, slacks and hats with shades.

Our destination is a cove like beach at the far north of Sitges which is usually quiet until around April. There aren’t any beggars or ‘entertainers’ here and today we shared the soft sand and gentle waves with a big family who were also enjoying a picnic.

Their kids had made an excellent sand castle and Sweep marked it by tinkling all over it the moment we arrived. Thankfully the onlooking mom was amused rather than disgusted.


A sand castle at Aiguadolc

Kids built this excellent castle and were busy collecting water for a moat when Sweep got involved. He certainly sped the process up and I have to say, he's a very thoughtful little dog.


The beach is pretty clean and is backed by low cliffs on which sit an array of lovely buildings, one hotel in particular looking like a shiny white castle.

We spent about two hours relaxing, munching great food from Pa/Enrich and allowing Sweep the freedom of the promenade. He made the most of that by tinkling on everything.

Come April Aiguadolc gets busy but for a pre-season retreat and cheap day relaxing it’s a difficult place to beat.

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