The Road to Morella, Valenciana

The road to Morella


We turned our backs to Peniscola and headed inland towards a place we’d heard and read great things about. Morella is a fortified town which sits high on a rocky outcrop and dominates the entire landscape.

It is described as the most scenic and beautiful town in the entire Castellon region so we were excited to see just how incredible this place was and if if it would live up to its hype.

The road from Peniscola took us slightly north of west through a meandering, climbing stretch of road that offered wonderful scenery and blue hills in the far off distance. Upon reaching the crest of the hill the landscape flattened below us and we began our descent to the village of Sant Mateu. It was a lovely respite; its central square occupied by a large contingent of old Spanish folk who were enjoying a sociable afternoon in the shelter of the trees and weren’t in the slightest bit phased by the arrival of our big shiny campervan.


The road to Morella

Morella standing tall and imposing at the end of the highway.


After a brief stop for photographs we continued inland towards Morella, following the snaking highway as it once again climbed and climbed. We reached a pinnacle of 1080 metres above sea level according to a sign and from there we again descended very, very gradually until the road levelled off.

After 20 kilometres of twists and turns we rounded a corner and there before us stood Morella; the most eye catching, imposing and impressive fortress I have ever seen. I can only imagine how incredible it must have been 500 years ago when cresting a hill on horseback would have presented you with the staggering sight of this magnificent town that sits beneath the Moorish castle; a truly epic citadel.

We pulled over to admire the view, trying in vain to capture what our eyes were feasting on through the lenses of our totally inept cameras. My words are almost as futile as the images we recorded.

We returned to the van, excited by the prospect of exploring the amazing citadel that lay ahead.

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