The Search for the Elusive Barranco Blanco #1

The only indication that Barranco Blanco exists

β€œIt’s the most beautiful place in Spain,” she said as we prepared to part ways.

Miranda, the friendly Hungarian waitress at Elviria’s Deli, had a list of great places to visit and top of that list was Barranco Blanco; a little known waterfall in the mountains that wasn’t signposted and never made it into guide books.

Our curiousity was sitting up and begging but unfortunately Miranda had no idea how to get there. Our search for the elusive Barranco Blanco began with a blank.

She knew it was somewhere past Monda and out towards Coin; two places we knew of so we had a handle on the general location. I should point out that the mountains around Monda and Coin are vast, big enough to swallow entire rivers that can’t even be seen by aeroplane.

We drove up to Monda and while walking Sweep around the village with some friends we started asking questions. Nobody seemed to know where it was but we persevered until we landed a nugget of hope.

An English ex-pat had heard of it but wasn’t entirely certain where it was either. He mentioned a couple of urbanizacions and a water tower; those three things would be our only landmarks in the search. He also mentioned that the road was impassable in anything other than a 4×4 or quad bike as it was completely unsurfaced. This brought a dampening of our enthusiasm.

We bid farewell to our friends and headed deeper into the countryside along winding roads that rose and well like graceful waves on a gentle ocean, carefully searching for the other few landmarks he mentioned; a garage, a turn-off for Fuengirola and the water tower.

It was getting late in the evening and we still needed to feed Sweep so I pulled off the M-3303 at KM4 and headed down a wide road that suddenly fell steeply and began to wind. I didn’t think this was the place we were looking for because I hadn’t seen the water tower and this road was fully tarmacked.

We found a wider spot which was level and parked up for the night; our plateau offering views of the Costa del Sol. As darkness descended we talked excitedly of finding the elusive and mysterious Barranco Blanco the following day and when silence settled across the mountain we drifted into a heavy, refreshing sleep.

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