The streets of Begur, Cataluya in pictures

Begur is an ancient town about 4km inland from the Costa Brava, Catalunya, and was fortified to drive off pirate attacks during the 1500 and 1600s; pirate attacks which ever occurred…


AN old house with a beautifully tiled verandah in Begur, Catalunya

This house was decorated with colourful tiles and belied its age.


the ornate tiles on the aged house in Vera St, Begur, Catalunya

The house is always locked but the decor remains intact. Only cats seem to use the chair.


One of the narrow streets in the old town of Begur

The humble houses that line the streets of Begur, Catalunya.


The streets all seemed to lead up to the castle on the hill. When viewed on a map Begur sprawls like a web with the old castle at its centre.


These old doors look like the originals. They reveal their age when questioned up close.


Many houses had these cute little windows in Begur.


An old guard tower that never got to repel pirate attacks. I almost pity it.


The narrow streets are lined with restaurants, arty shops and clubs; the secret designer underworld of an old town.


The church tower stands proud in the main square, set ominously against a steely sky.


While inside patrons enjoy a well lit mass in the elaborately decorated house of god.


Then revel away the night until the small hours when they enjoy chocolate con xurros at dawn.


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