The Stunning ‘Lake Vinuela’, Andalucia

Lake Vinuela, Andalucia


While wild camping at the far end of the beach in Torre del Mar I was fortunate to meet ‘Jaws‘; a very relaxed English guy who lives with his family in the mountains behind the town and who is looking to build an “Earth Ship” in the area.

Jaws gave me the low down on a few locations in the vicinity, Lake Vinuela sounding the most promising, so I decided to pack up and head out straight away; the lure of a mineral lake with blue waters too much to resist.

I checked the maps and found its location out along the A-356 which feeds traffic to and from Granada. It was as scenic route through the valley between mountains, some still bearing winter’s snow on their caps.

Lake Vinuela isn’t signposted so I had to stop in La Vinuela to ask for more directions. The locals were very friendly and helpful, “Turn left at the sign for Hotel Viueala.”

I did, and after a few kilometres drive out of the village, keeping left at the hotel, I saw the lake to my right – a stunning expanse of water, vibrant blue/green in colour and flat as a millpond. I found out later that I should have stayed on the A-356 and it would have taken me right to the lake.

I found a good spot just along the silty bank, pitched Denny up, swung the side door open and proceeded to relax.

Sunset over Lake Vinuela, Andalucia

Sunset over Lake Vinuela, Andalucia

Swallows swooped and dived across the surface, landing gently on the thinnest of limbs protruding from the water, while small spiders and other insects scurried about the arid shore. The breeze carried tiny ripples that glinted silver in the sunlight as they raced to their end. It was a windy day but April in the mountains is generally like that, causing the small yellow and purple flowers to hold tightly to their petals, not wishing to lose their bonnets to the will of the wind.

Half a dozen villages skirt Lake Vinuela although without checking a map I couldn’t tell you their names and to be honest I’d rather leave it a mystery.

To sum it up, Lake Vinuela is a quiet spot in spring which offers some stunning scenery to feast your eyes on; from azure lake to white capped mountains it’s a tranquil place to relax, meditate or escape. I have a lot to thanks Jaws for.

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