The Two Towers at Calella, Costa Brava, Catalunya

A fairly short but steep climb up the hill behind our wild camp spot in Calella took us to the remains of two old guard towers which for the most part have not stood the test of time. What were once a strong defence against marauders from the sea are  now just a few buttressed walls fit for photo opportunities and scenic views across the Costa Brava. And Russian men with an unhealthy obsession over their daughters.


The towers appeared through the trees as we neared the top of the hill.


Not much remains of the old guard towers at Calella.


The north facing walls on both towers have remained standing.


People were taking it in turns to have a photo taken in the empty window frames.


The twin towers are a popular haunt for picnicers and sun seekers who wish to avoid the beach.


But with views like this it's not hard to see why.


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