The View From the Office Today

The view from the office


Before I start I want you to know that this is not a ‘smugshot’ or anything of that nature, more of an indication that there alternatives to working in a traditional office, staring at cubicle walls or out over the car park if you’re lucky enough. I know many people are blasé about the view from the office because their monitors or a sneaky peak at Facebook when the boss isn’t looking are more important, but for me the office vista is important.

When we went about replanning the van the first thing we wanted was a good seating area that would make the most of the side door, which, when open is the best window in the vehicle. The addition of a table to compliment the L-shaped couch transformed the van into a mobile office, living room and all-round better home.

Although spring is just about here and is a lovely 20 degrees during the day, the evenings are still cold but with a lovely view of the forest beyond the portal to the outside world (the side door) I am loathed to close it. Sweep and Bungle are quite happy knocking about outside in their big fur coats, styling sticks, woofing with other dogs in the area and playing chase games together, so to have to end their joy would be cruel.


The mobile office.

The mobile office. Today it's in a forest, tomorrow it could be up a mountain or beside the beach.


I have had jobs in offices where the windows are covered by blinds and would only look out over a miserable car park or other miserable office buildings anyway. I would like to think I have left that world behind as in an age where the internet is so readily available and usable, could we not all move out of the office block, into the study at home or on the road in the campervan and enjoy our days in a non-stressful environment?

Here I sit, on the L-shaped couch and lovely new cushions (read here) at the new table in the mobile office, doing my work and loving the blue sky, pine trees, white mustard and scent of Rosemary as it blusters on the gentlest of breezes; living proof that we can if we want to.

Enjoy the view.

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