Torredembarra, Costa Daurada, Catalunya

Torredembarra from the beach


Our latest adventure will take us down the east coast of Spain towards Alicante, then onto Malaga via Granada. The first place we stopped off at was Torrebembarra on the Catalan Costa Daurada.

Torredembarra is a little seaside town south of Cubelles and it packs a few points of interest into a small space. Like many coastal towns it’s nothing more than three long roads running parallel to the sea with apartment blocks crammed in between.

We stayed at the Relax-Sol camp site which lies at the northern most point of the town. The walk along the beach, we quickly discovered, was the best approach to the quiet little seaside town.

From the campsite we had to walk through a tunnel which runs beneath the railway tracks and onto a wooden boardwalk which cuts through the middle of a small but pretty nature reserve. Several paths run from the main walkway but going straight on take you to the beach.

From here you can see the town; a collection of low-rise apartment blocks that look as if they’ve sprung from the sand, but are less offensive than some of the monstrosities that are still springing up further down the coast.


The low rise seafront of Torredembarra

The low rise seafront of Torredembarra


Everything about Torredembarra shouts ‘small’ and ‘humble’. From the handful of cafés, bars and restaurants that front the beach, to the modern church in the tiny Plaza Iglesia. There is a quaintness to the place which charms you as you explore its streets. There isn’t much to take in but the beach (still not dog friendly) is a wonderful lane of golden sand that seems to stretch as far as the eye can see.

Despite the dog ban there are plenty of folks walking with their ‘best friends’ with no regard for the laws.

At the southern end an odd sculpture sits in the sea; a water testing facility which looks like upside down Greek symbols and might, to the trained eye, convey a meaningful code. To me they were an inverted Omega and whatever ‘V’ is.

Perhaps I’m not selling Torredembarra very well, so let me close by saying that it’s a charming and quaint little seaside town with a beautiful beach front where the friendly locals are happy to make your worthwhile visit to this largely unspoilt Catalan town even more enjoyable. To miss it, especially while in the vicinity, would be a tragedy indeed.

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