Torremolinos – Horrormolinos?

One of the may monster hotels on the seafront at Torremolinos

Would it be unfair to completely criticise Torremolinos? Yes, I think it would. It’s always very easy to jump on the bandwagon and follow the herd but for me the Costa del Sol town does have its plus points. Shocking huh?

For a start, Torremolinos is only six or seven kilometres from Malaga airport which makes it a very convenient holiday destination and when compared to the dullness of England with its low temperatures, cloudy days and penchant for rain, ‘Horrormolinos’ is a vast improvement; hence the smiles on the faces of new holiday arrivals’ faces.

The old quarter is also very lovely and is almost a sad reminder of how beautiful Torremolinos was before the end of Franco’s reign led to a building boom for holidaymakers to trash the place.

Yes, there is much stigma attached to the town and it is perhaps a concentrated dose of Spain’s best and worst attributes in one.

Noise, for instance. Spain is known for its noise; it’s in their DNA and Torremolinos is an endless cacophony of planes taking off, traffic, people singing and shouting, car horns, ‘top light entertainment’ across PA systems, pounding bass drums from relentless night clubs and lastly nature’s own mix of crashing wind and rolling waves.

Because it’s a holiday Mecca the seafront is littered with characterless tower blocks which have overgrown and choked the old town like untended weeds in a once beautiful garden. A walk along the prom on any given morning will present you with glasses left by those too drunk to finish them, choosing instead to leave them on walls or shop window sills.

The town itself is packed with tat shops and overpriced bazaars selling mostly unreliable Chinese rubbish. There are of course cafés and restaurants as well as some historic statues for those who love to take their holiday home in megapixel format.

Homage to Picasso on the seafront at Torremolinos

Homage to Picasso on the seafront at Torremolinos

Torremolinos does excel on the beach front and the long stretch of dark sand, interspersed with small shingle is a wonderful spectacle that seems to stretch from Almeria to Marbella. From said beaches you get a good view of the resort with its mish-mash of decrepit hotels and some oddly non-beach facing buildings, perhaps designed for those who want to look at mountains instead.

It’s hard to summarise Torremolinos; it’s not as bad as I expected, no excess of neon a la Las Vegas or Blackpool, but still not somewhere I’d choose to holiday or live. That said, I have visited and my curiosity is now sate.

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