Torture Museum, Guadalest, Valencia

torture-museum, guadalest


Address: Calle Honda, 2



Tel: 610 051 001.

Open every day.

For those who prefer the darker, more macabre or gory side of Spain, the Torture Museum in Guadalest is an ideal opportunity to indulge in your horrific interests.

The museum is home to an array of devices dating between the 11th and 20th centuries; some the instruments of torture and humiliation while others were intended to carry out a swift execution.

The Torture Museum’s exhibition is not exclusive to Spanish devices of death and destruction and some machines on display hail from the furthest reaches of Europe. Some of the more barbaric implements are the impaling machine, similar to that used by Vlad the Impaler; a Romanian despot who left his victims out in the fields as a warning to his enemies, and a device for decapitating unfortunate subjects.

Execution devices aside, another fine example of a humiliation technique is a barrel that was used to hold dissidents who would then be subjected to a public display of ‘torture’. The poor barrel occupant would be pounded with rotten food and some people even defecated on them.

Thankfully society today is a little more civilised, if only a little, but the torture museum is a great reminder of the harsh laws by which the citizens had to abide. 

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