Torvizcon in the Alpujarras – by day

a mountain village in Andalusia

Torvizcon is a small mountain village within the Alpujarras in Andulusia. If you are looking for a quaint Andalusian town full of little friendly old nans, scruffy dogs and opportunistic kitties – Torvizcon is your place.

a view from the top of Torvizcon

The vista from the top of Torvizcon.

There are lots of things to do in Torvizcon, like reading, walking along the riverbed and looking at a horse.

man and horse in mountain village

I call this one 'man with horse'

Torvizcon has a breadshop, a chemist, a bank, a butchers, a hotel, a bar, and two convenience stores. What more do you want?

Spanish sky in Andalusia

Nature does a moody brew.

typical Andalusian house

Typical Andalusian house. White.

To rent accommodation in Torvizcon, Andalusia, click here.

To see pictures of Torvizcon by night, click here.



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