Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Catalunya

Tossa de Mar is one of those places which provokes laughter in the English, a name which for some reason reduces even the most sane of us to the level of a schoolboy who has just discovered fart jokes. Or something.

In truth Tossa de Mar is one of the Costa Brava’s gems. Sitting pretty in a cove the curved beaches spread a kilometre wide and the town itself gently rises away from the sea through a maze of tiny, narrow streets which house the oddest selection of shops ever for a seaside resort. Quite why you’d want to buy a Katana on your summer holiday is beyond me, but then, this is Spain.

After making the mistake of driving through said streets in the van and almost having a panic over getting stuck on a very tight bend with several cars behind me and a mass of people ahead, I managed to get out and park up safely. That little mistake actually gave us a good look at the town before we explored it properly and when pulling out of the last street the view of the Catalunyan Mediterranean and old walled castle was quite a spectacle.

Some mistakes are happy mistakes. Eventually.



So what of Tossa de Mar? 

It’s an incredibly popular resort and with good reason; a veritable feast of sights, sounds, smells and choices greet you upon arrival and the sandy beaches are as inviting as any out there. Sadly for us Sweep wasn’t allowed on them so we had to make do with late night forays onto the course sand carpeted platges.

The streets are always brimming with visitors and to keep them entertained there are performers, painters, T-shirt printers and a whole clutch of themed bars, restaurants, creperies and ice cream parlours (geleterias).

During the day the sheltered streets are a welcome break from the blazing hot beaches although the agitated sea provides an excellent cool down too. By night Tossa de Mar is bustling in a different way; people dressed up in their best rags to enjoy an evening meal while the din really begins to rise as street acts perform for their bread.



Tossa de Mar is a vibrant town and well worthy of the time spent there. For us the only drawback was not being able to take Sweep on the beach during the day, a situation which rankles us as it’s not him who leaves cans, bottles, wrappers, condoms and heroin needles on them (although I’m happy to report that Tossa de Mar doesn’t have much of a litter problem).

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