Tossa de Mar in pictures


Tossa de Mar sits in a fairly sheltered cove and its sun-kissed beach, historic walled castle and narrow streets are a real treat.


From a nearby mirador you can take in the splendid view of Tossa de Mar.


Blue skies and crystal waters are a permanent feature of Tossa de Mar during the summer months.


The castle walls still stand strong although the modern invaders are more often than not armed with ice creams, sun block and cameras.


From the castle's path you get a great perspective of the beach and surrounding hills.


And climbing the stairs further you can see across the rooftops of Tossa de Mar.


Tossa de Mar is not without its secluded beaches either, although nothing is really that secluded along the Costa Brava.


Descending the sloping pathway takes you through narrow streets and lovely old stone houses which are decorated beautifully and kept fairly traditional.


The maze like streets wind away from the castle.


The old castle ramparts are now inhabited by locals and tourists alike.


Tossa de Mar is a vibrant town on the Costa Brava and if this article has whet your appetite for a slice you can book a hotel there by clicking here.

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