Travelling on the Eurotunnel With a Dog


Inside the Eurotunnel train.

The interior of the Eurotunnel train is a bit gloomy but a comfy L-Shaped couch, a happy dog and a good book take your mind away from that fact.


My return to Spain from the UK (don’t ask) required a crossing that was dog friendly, quick and comfortable. I didn’t want Sweep to have to spend hours locked in a kennel without a clue what was happening, nor did I particularly want him stuck in the van alone for hours while I swanned off upstairs to the swanky VIP lounge on the DFDS Seaways ferry deck.

Although not a fan of underground situations I felt the best solution was a jaunt under the sea which would give me a respite from driving, allow me to sit in comfort on my new L-shaped couch at my new table and Sweep could curl up with me for the 40 minutes expected travelling time. Animals can become stressed very easily when travelling, especially away from their owners.

My first experience of travelling on the Eurotunnel with a dog was a difficult one. We had a few complications on the French side with Sweep’s passport and as it was the first time we’d taken him to the UK (don’t ask) it was all very confusing.

On top of that there was a problem with the train we were on and the journey took an hour. I wasn’t happy.

This time around I was greeted at the gate, a whole hour late for check-in with my booked train departing as I opened the window to speak to the ticket lady. She offered me a spot on the next train at no extra cost and informed me I had five minutes to walk Sweep before Le Shuttle was ready for boarding.

After five minutes in the snow I drove up to the French border control who asked for my passport but not Sweep’s. I thought it was unusual but it seems the European side is a lot less strict about animals crossing its borders than their paranoid UK counterparts. He didn’t require any health checks, flea or worm treatments either.

My £86.00 was well spent as no sooner had we boarded the train we were departing and the crossing took only 26 minutes. Sweep was comfortable as was I and I would recommend any dog owner to use the Eurotunnel as their preferred choice, even if it does cost more than DFDS.


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