Trocadero Playa Beach Bar and Restaurant – Marbella, Spain

Trocadero Playa - Marbella


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There are two ends to Malaga along the beachfront: the really touristy end, and the less really touristy end.

If you tread the road ever so slightly less travelled heading away from Marbella, you can actually enjoy a pretty walk along the sea where squillionaires have their pads and where the restaurants become a little more classy and a little less garish and tourist-centric.

Trocadero Playa is such a place. It reminds me very much of a very upmarket Thai restaurant (as in a beachfront restaurant in Thailand)  with its dark wooden furniture amidst the pale sands.

The menu is classy too with a variety of salads that you can easily rearrange to make something vegetarian or vegan and Trocadero Playa also sell juices and smoothies, although they are pricey at €6 plus per drink.

Despite the beach itself being dog unfriendly, the restaurant welcomed Sweepy and other dogs too.

The service is exceptional, as you would expect for these prices but they didn’t seem to mind us scruffy cheap skates ordering green tea and idling about in the sunshine with our doggy for a couple of hours.

It gets pretty crowded on a Sunday lunchtime when families come for long and lingering lunches, which says something about the quality of the food.

The ambience is a little posh but delightfully unpretentious – which the Spanish seem to excel at.

Outside heavy furniture sinks into the sand amidst metal sculptures of animals.

I really lovely location away from the horrendously touristy part of Marbella ruined by the English, Germany, Swedish etc tourists and expats.


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