Turris bakery – Eixample, Barcelona

Turris Panaderia

Aribau, 158


Turris panaderia is a gorgeous bakery in the area of Eixample in Barcelona. You can never have enough gorgeous bakeries in my opinion. Not never. Although, my often pathetically weak willpower could probably do without the challenge.

True there are a trillion bakeries (panaderias) in Spain and Barcelona has its fair share but not all of them are top quality. Turris is not in the league of Barcelona Reykjavik, Enrich (in Sitges), or Crusto, but it’s certainly a cut above many others.

So Turris do the usual range of breads: French flutes (flautas), large baguettes, round loaves, traditional white and brown bread for slicing and toasting etc, but they also have – and this is their main selling point – a range of ‘healthy’ breads. Such as, salt-free breads for people with high-blood pressure; bread for people with wheat intolerances (made from spelt, kamut or rye flour), high-fibre breads to speed up transit times through the intestines (cue comedy trombone), breads made without yeast (such as kamut bread or organic semi-brown bread), and a low calorie bread with rye and nuts.

All the breads at Turris bakery (except one) are suitable for those who are lactose intolerant eg milk-free.

The staff are knowledgeable and happy to help if you have specific allergies or dietary requirements. Turris is particularly good for coeliacs (celiacs).

The branch I’ve always used is at c/Aribau 158, but there are two other branches at Calvet 7 and Gran de Gracia 34.

Turris bakery offers great bready goodness and is perfect for allergy sufferers or those who wish to avoid gluten or yeast.


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