Udon noodle restaurant – Barcelona

Various locations throughout Barcelona including El Born, El Raval, Eixample and Sabadell


Udon’s philosophy is to serve quick, healthy noodley food in a fashionable noodley environment at reasonable prices.

A visit to Udon is as unlike traditional Spain as it could possibly be but if you’ve been in the country a while and the thought of reading another tapas menu only to find that the only vegetarian options are patatas bravas and white bread makes you feel slightly tearful then you won’t mind going non-traditional for an afternoon or evening.

Plus if you’ve spent much time outside of trendy cities like Madrid and Barcelona you’ll appreciate that restaurants serving anything other than Spanish-style cuisine and poor quality pizzas are a rarity and so a visit to Udon might be just the change of flavors your poor beleagured taste buds require before they abandon you and find another mouth to live in.

Udon is a typical contemporary clean and clinical noodle bar with several vegetarian options on its current menu. You can choose from Green Rolls which are vegetarian sushi with avocado and vegetables (€5.55); Yasai Karoe, which consists of rice, coconut milk, broccoli, soya sprouts and shitake mushrooms (€8.55); Yasai Yakisoba, a sauted combo of carrots, cabbage, courgette/zuccini, shitake mushrooms and a sauce (€9.55); Tofu Soba, which, probably won’t surprise you by consisting of tofu and soba noodles plus vegetables and sesame seeds.

For starters there are edamame (€2.85); vegetable gyoza (boiled pasties containing mixed vegetables and served with a tangy/salty dipping sauce – €3.65) and Yasai Yakatori vegetable skewers with a sweet and sticky yakitori sauce (€2.55).

A bowl of plain white rice is €1.45.

Oh and there is a salad for the raw vegans – well almost – it’s a combo of spinach, pine nuts, mushrooms, tofu and sesame oil – so not 100% raw at all, but it’s got salad in the title at least. It’s called Goma-ae and costs €8.25. There is also a choice of three juices. So raw vegans can kind of find a meal in there somewhere.

Desserts include ice cream (green tea, chocolate, coconut or cinnamon) which is €3.95 for two scoopy scoops. Gorgeous but expensive Mochi that are sadly €4.35 each and a couple of others that sound so divine, I won’t be responsible for my actions if I set about trying to describe them.

There’s a great range of teas at €2.25 each, such as sencha, yoga (green tea), wild fruits, served in simple white china.

The restaurant is as clean and white as an interrogation cell with the obligatory counters and benches – typical noodle décor.

Clean, fresh and tasty with something for the vegetarian or vegan longing for something that isn’t patatas bravas. Not many laughs in it for the raw vegan but something.

Paws down from young Mr Sweep who is not allowed in, probably because he’s way too handsome.

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