Unicornius vegetarian restaurant – Barcelona

C/ Jovellanos, 2
El Raval

09hrs – 00hrs Monday to Saturday

Like all restaurants it would appear in Spain, Uncornius offers a menu del dia (menu of the day) which in this case costs €10 and involves a bowl of hot soup, a bowl of salad from the salad bar, a main course and a dessert. The salad bar is an impressive one compared to many I’ve seen in the city with vegetables fresh and crunchy and a number of combinations available. To follow, your main dish might consist of  tofu, bean or seitan mixed with the likes of vegetables and brown rice or couscous.  These are generally fairly tasty but I wouldn’t call them delicious. The portions were a friendly bunch though, I struggled to complete my mission to absorb every remotely edible item that was put in front of me. Home-made flans or rather dirty little chocolate puddings or tarts finish the meal off.

Between 09 and 14hrs brunch is served although I’ve not tried this and so am unable to comment.

And then from 14hrs onwards the kitchen remains open until midnight. Not bad for Barcelona where many of the smaller restaurants often disappear for a siesta just when you’ve got your eating gob on.

You can also do a takeaway salad from the salad bar, which might be of interest to raw foodies. There are a few options for salad buffets around Barcelona – in the form of Fresco – but this salad bar is one of the best. Unfortunately, the competition isn’t up to much. I’ll slate Fresco elsewhere.

There are options for sit-in raw vegans too, although nothing in the menu del dia but you will find alternatives to cooked food in the standard a la carte menu.

The ambiance is chilled but busy, with ambient classical music mumbling in the background whilst the place fills up during lunchtimes.

Not far from Placa Catalunya and La Rambla, it’s quite easy to find.

Not the bestest veggie fodder ever – in summing up – but all very agreeable, including the staff.

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