Useful Information About Morella

The aqueduct at Morella


Located in the province of Castellon, Morella is a spectacular medieval town set high on a rocky spur. The town with its ringed walls and castle ruins dominates the landscape and whether approaching by car, bike or bus you will not fail to be amazed by its imposing presence.

During spring summer and autumn the town is moderate in temperature but in winter it gets incredibly cold and often snow covered so be properly prepared for the right climate on your visit.

The tourist office is located on Plaza de San Miguel and is open daily between 10am-2pm then 4-7pm. You will find information about attractions, historical sites and the local area as well as maps, bus timetables and places to stay. Contact them at: 

The bus station is a five minute walk from the tourist office and provides transport to:

Alcaniz (3 per week in low season, 5 in high season) at 10am

Cantaviejo/Villafranca del Cid (1 per day, Mon-Fri)

Vinaros (2 per day Mon-Fri)

Castellon (2 per day Mon-Fri)


Accommodation should be booked in advance, especially from june onwards when Morella becomes very popular with Spanish holidaymakers. Late August plays host to a music festival and finding somewhere to stay can be difficult at this time. Nearby Forcall also has ‘hostals’ and hotels.

In Morella you have the choice of La Muralla (c/ Murall)  or Hostal El Cid (Puerta San Mateo 2) for those on a small budget.

Other attractions include the medieval castle (3 euros per adult, 2 euros for children and senior citizens), the church of Santa Maria la Mayor with its carved doorway and beautiful exterior depictions of Christ and the Apostles.

There is also a bullring, a monastery, the aged aqueduct that was used to supply the town’s water and the Museo Tiempo de los Dinosaurios, a museum containing dinosaur bones found in the area.

With all these attractions plus plenty of walks in the surrounding countryside, Morella should keep you occupied for several days at least.

Read about the road to Morella, what it’s like within its walls and the castle on the rocky spur.

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