Veg World Indian restaurant – Gracia, Barcelona

A Masala Dosa with coconut chutney

Veg World Indian restaurant – Grracia, Barcelona
Bruniquer, 26

Tuesday to Sunday 13.00 – 16.00

Tuesday to Sunday 20.00 – 00.00


It’s easy to find vegetarian Indian food in Barcelona. Vegetarians can pick from Amaltea, Govinda or this place – Veg World in Gracia. Indian food lends itself very well to the vegetarian diet, particularly as in some parts of India their diet is purely vegetarian.

Veg World is a clean and quite stylish little restaurant that has foregone the typical Indian–restaurant staple décor of flock wall coverings and gaudy pictures in favour of a light and uplifting ambience. Brightly hued saris hang from the ceiling giving the place a touch of colour.

On to the food. The food at Veg World is way more interesting and adventurous than the likes of any of the other vegetarian Indian restaurants I’ve eaten at in Barcelona. The menu features items from the south of Indian so expect to find dosas (delicious wraps made from fermented rice batter packed with spicy potato and smothered in sauce) which you then dip in coconut chutney (drool), idlys, crispy paneer, tandoori dishes and a delicious lentil dahl.

Veg World  is my favourite Indian vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona – by some miles in fact. I most definitely recommend the Masala Dosa which is as  good as any I’ve tried in London. Ninety percent of the menu is vegan too and they don’t serve alcohol which wins them points in our non-drinking camp.


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