Vegetarian – Eating Out in Sitges

Sitges, like most places, is much kinder to vegetarians than it is to vegans, but only by accident.

You will quite likely find yourself limited to the likes of vegetarian paella (make sure they understand that you want vegetarian paella ‘sin carne y pescado’ and not just vegetable paella which can contain chicken or meat.)

Other dishes you are bound to encounter that are vegetarian friendly include pan con tomate (a Catalunyan dish that consists of white bread smothered with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes), patatas bravas (potato fries or cubes smothered in spicy sauce), and some salads – which are generally very basic. Think iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrot and an olive if you’re lucky and check when ordering if the vegetarian salad includes tuna-fish – as they often do. These dishes crop up on pretty much every Catalonian menu. Along with fried green peppers. Which are small green peppers that are fried in gallons of oil and then sprinkled with sea salt. Kind of tasty but the amount of oil they use is almost drinkable, so not good for the health conscious.

There is a Greek restaurant called Dionysus on Calle Sant Jose, which serves a dynamite Greek salad and a couple of other vegetarian-friendly dishes. It’s a bit pricey but they do speak great English and make you feel better than if you were to go to Burger king. Service is very friendly and professional too, although I read a review on Tripadvisor that stated the opposite. There is a Burger King in Sitges by the way, but I’m not going to tell you where in case you go there.

Other than that it will be a case of going to individual restaurants and finding what they have that is vegetarian. But your best bet, unless you want takeaway food, is Lady Blues which has a vegetarian menu, Café Om on the seafront (for the vegetarian burger or salad) or one of the few oriental restaurants that offer one or two you-friendly dishes.

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