Vegetariano El Cafate and vegan-friendly restaurant – Malaga, Andalusia

Vegetariano El Cafate and vegan-friendly restaurant – Malaga, Andalusia

Calle Andrés Pérez, 6, 29008 Málaga, España
Clean, quiet and modern within a traditional old building, Vegetariano El Calfate is one of a few restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan-friendly  food in Malaga.

During the week, the menu del dia at Vegetariano El Calafate will provide you with gallons of fodder for just €9. The menu consists of three courses and each course has four options. For example, the starter might be feta and rocket salad; cream of butternut squash soup, gazpacho, or vegetables and brown rice. The portions are vast and almost as big if not the same size as main courses I’ve had in other restaurants.

For the main course you might pick from vegetable tagine with couscous, baked potatoes stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms served with a tomato and brie sauce, baked vegetables in a tomato sauce; or pasta with carrot and ginger sauce.

Desserts such as chocolate mousse, vegan peach tart, creamed yogurt, lemon tart or fruit end your meal. And the menu del dia includes bread and a drink such as wine, beer or water.

If you wish to order from Vegetariano El Calafate’s regular menu (only available at weekends) then you can choose from salads such as mushroom and mixed leaves, rocket and a lemon sauce; lambs lettuce and feta cheese, or tabouleh. Salads cost from €8.90.

Starters include hummus, tofu and seaweed pate, parmesan toast, scrambled eggs with mushrooms; goat cheese toast.

Main dishes include vegan seitan fillet in wine sauce; wok-fried vegetables; Thai rice with dates and tropical fruit; and spinach lasagne. Principal dishes cost between €8.50 and €11.40.

The food is ok/good, at Vegetariano El Calafate, although I wouldn’t describe it as delicious unless I was lying to myself and others. The quality is above average compared to much vegetarian food I’ve tried in Spain, but below compared to vegetarian food I’ve eaten in NY, London, Brighton and other places. But it is a totally welcome change from tapas and typical vegetarian-unfriendly, vegan-despising Spanish cuisine. Great big portions and friendly service almost make-up for the slightly average tasting food.



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