Veggie Garden vegan restaurant and juice bar – Barcelona

Calle Dels Angels, 3
Another completely vegan restaurant in Barcelona! Hoorah!

It’s a bit like Juicy Jones I thought when I first staggered in attracted by smell of spirulina, and I was right. Apparently, the chefs at Juicy Jones split (political differences?) and one kept Juicy and the other formed Veggie Garden.

The ambience is better than Juicy’s for a start. It’s warmer and cosier – and whilst the murals at Juicy’s are a bit tired and worn, the murals at Veggie Garden are clean and bright, basically because they are much newer. The second thing I notice about Veggie Garden is that it’s much warmer. I’ve got nothing against Juicy Jones – let me be honest with you, but the more vegan options in town, the better, so if chefs want to fall out and get obstreperous and the outcome – like cutting a worm in half – is that you get two vegan restaurants, then you won’t hear this vegan complaining.

So many of the items on the Veggie Garden menu are exact copies of those in Juicy’s which is a shame. There are millions of vegan dishes out there – and the thali at JJs isn’t actually that good.

But what does excite me (and we’re talking special wee) is the menu of green juices. Almost unheard of in Spain. They are as follows:

Apple, cucumber, parsley, lemon, celery and spinach; carrot, spinach, tomato, red pepper and ginger; spinach, lettuce, lemon and alfalfa; beetroot, ginger, carrot, orange and lemon; apple, avocado, lemon, celery and spinach; cucumber, lettuce, celery, lemon and beetroot; carrot, strawberry, kiwi, ginger and lime; celery, apple, banana, lemon and mint; or the 103 aka super green juice which is lettuce, avocado, alfalfa, apple, lime, spinach, celery, mint and spirulina. They cost €3.75 for 33cl or €4.75 for 50cl, except for 103 which is €4.50 or €5.50 due to the spirulina.

The menu del dia (daily set menu) costs €8.25 and consists of a choice of salad, soup of the day, hummus or gazpacho.

For main course you can have a dish that changes daily or a thali (2 types of curry, dahl, chutney and half a papadom); or a raw salad (!) which includes a load of seasonal stuff. (I’ll try this badboy next time).

You also get a dessert, water or wine and brown bread with your meal of the day.

There are a couple of budget options such as the mini menu (juice of the day plus a main dish) for €7.25 or the economic VG includes a main dish and a dessert or mini milk shake and costs €6.50.

If you are really budgeting then you can just have the Thali alone which costs €5.50 and is filling as it includes rice and Indian bread.

Tapas start at €3.25 and include momo (a dish from Kathmandu), samosa, grilled tofu, edamame, steamed potatoes with mojo sauce, hummus, olives, tomato paste and rucula on toasted garlic bread or fried soy beans marinated in garlic, spring onions and Nepalese sauce.

There are salads too starting from €4.75. Eg Veggie Garden: and organic combo of lettuce, avocado, spring onion, red peppers, cucumber, sprouts, olives and spinach with a pesto dressing, or Japanese noodles with lettuce, spring onion, tofu, avocado, sprouts and a Japanese sauce; or spinach and guacamole. For raw food vegans (other than the raw salad in the menu del dia) there is also a beetroot salad which sounds mostly raw (beetroot, carrot, celery, radish, lettuce, rocket and with a balsamic and Japanese dressing). You might be able to negotiate a different dressing if you don’t do vinegar.

There are three veggie burger options – all costing €4 and served with brown bread. Choose from veggie, seitan or tofu and one of the following sauces – satay, hummus, pesto or vegan mayo.

There are also sandwiches and drinks such as hot lemon tea, yogi tea with soy milk, or fresh mint.

The juices are what do it for me. There are loads of options other than the green ones mentioned above.

The staff are lovely. They gave me extra green juice and the chef (Ramesh) is Nepalese and smiles constantly, making you feel very welcome.

They also have wi-fi and even a terrace outdoors so doggy friendly. They also allow dogs downstairs (because “we are vegans and believe all animals are our equals”).

I was already hooked after one visit and one green drink.

I love Veggie Garden.

Try the number 103 juice –  tasty and green and with no filthy edge. Also the guacamole salad is pretty tasty.

Good points: dog-friendly, free wi-fi, friendly staff, colourful surroundings, great philosophy, and all vegan.

Bad points: candles on the tables upstairs would be nice, more love for the raw food vegans – there’s not much here for them. Some big salads with loads of sprouts and algaes is what Barcelona needs to keep up with the rest of the vegan world.

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