Venus café – Barcelona

C/ Avinyó, 25
Gothic Quarter

Breakfasts (desayunos) include coffee and a cake or a toasted sandwich or a sandwich and range from €2.50 to €4.50. Add orange juice to that (zumo naranja) and the prices are between €4.50 and €5.

Starters that vegetarians might like are sautéed vegetables with herbs; lentil and vegetable tabouleh; green salad (mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, olives, onion and eggplant) with a vinegar and honey dressing; Aphrodite salad (mixed leaves, fruit of the day, fresh cheese, avocado and fresh mint) with a lemon and coriander vinaigrette; and goats’ cheese salad which includes apple compote and walnuts in a honey and mustard dressing. Prices for these are all around €7.50.

Main courses suitable for vegetarians are vegetable couscous (also suitable for vegans); and vegetable lasagne. Both dishes cost €8.20.

There are also an array of conventional and not so conventional tapas, including patatas bravas (fried chunks of potatoes in a hot sauce); hummus; nachos with guacamole and cheese; pan con tomate (Catalan dish of bread smeared with tomato, oil and garlic); and assorted olives.  Tapas prices start from €2.65.

The best thing about Venus really is the interior and the atmosphere. Whether you are eating, or just enjoying a cup of tea with a cake; writing your first novel; reading a chapter of your current book, or just enjoying the ambience, it’s a great place to belong for a while.

Traditional black and white tiles cover the floor, whilst brightly coloured (and somewhat dubious) modern artworks  sit high upon the walls and the windows are filled with papier-mache figures. The atmosphere is of a quite traditional café but with a modern edge. Enough that it attracts a local arty crowd and loads of students that crowd into the many tables that have been crammed into quite a small space.

It’s a great place to sit and be in a great location in the gothic quarter of Barcelona. And it’s got a number of options for vegetarians and vegans and even raw food vegans,  if you fancy an eat there. I like to sit and absorb tea there as I read and write and generally drink up the atmosphere in beautiful Barcelona. A place that is always reliably quirky and always feels like home.

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