Veritas organic supermarket – Gracia, Barcelona

Veritas, Gracia - Barcelona

C/ Torrent de L’Olla 200, Gràcia, 08012

Mmmmm healthy things, yes.

Veritas is the health food and organic supermarket that can be found in major cities and locations across Catalunya. It’s the closest the Catalonians have to Wholefood and whilst it is paltry when compared to the likes of Wholefood etc, it does stock the staples of a healthy, vegetarian or vegan diet and lifestyle.

Veritas have a good range of things to keep your raw, vegetarian or vegan kitchen cupboard stocked. They are a bit pricey but that’s the same wherever you go it seems when it comes to fruit and vegetables and things that haven’t been grown in the dark and whose parents come in brown bottles with a skull and crossbone on the front.

You won’t find many surprises here if you are coming from somewhere such as New York where you have a gigantic Wholefoods on every corner but you can pick from various types of organic olive oils, you can pick up Asian ingredients here such as seaweeds, rice noodles, ramen noodes, and soy, tamari and shoyu, although the seaweed or shoyu are not sadly raw, if you are a raw food vegan. I’ve yet to come across those in Spain in fact.

They also have a very small range of organic meats and meat products such as pork sausages, chicken legs and wings and pork and beef burgers – we’re vegetarians and so we don’t care much for such things ourselves but our four-legged son, (oh he of the hairy face) has the kind of sharp teeth that are just the thing for tearing at raw flesh. So it’s good to have places where we can pick up organic meat that hasn’t lived its entire life in abject misery. That’s our hope at least.

They also have a section for fresh fruit and vegetables (apples, oranges, bananas, potatoes, avocadoes, salad leaves, tomatoes, yams, cucumbers, ginger, garlic etc), and you can pick up sweeteners such as agave syrup, raw cane sugar, rice syrup, maple syrup and fructose and most branches seem to stock stevia.

They stock a very small range of Yarrah organic dog and cat food; they have organic baby products and sanitary products; domestic eco-cleaning products; and face and body creams (Weleda, Dr Haushka etc).

You can get tahini, nut butter (not raw and very expensive); organic chocolate spreads, jams and marmalades; herbal teas; flours, cookies, cakes, rice cakes, crackers; potato chips, nuts, seeds, rices etc.

There is a small panaderia (bakery) where you can buy hearty breads, baguettes, rolls, croissants, and as small range of cakes. Although, if Barcelona Reykjavik (organic bakery) around the corner is open – go there.


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