Veritas organic supermarkets – Catalonia

Where would I be without Veritas? Less healthy but richer I think. Veritas is the Catalonian equivalent of Wholefoods in the US, Canada and UK. Except, exponentially smaller.

There are some things that you just can’t buy in general supermarkets, shops or markets in Spain. The kind of things that raw foodists, vegans and vegetarians rely on when self catering at home and would like when abroad. Things such as agave syrup, good quality organic teas, apple cider vinegar, seeds for sprouting, nama shoyu, seaweeds, tahini etc. And were would the health conscious amongst us be without our organic breads and flours, soya, rice and nut milks, organic chocolate spread etc.

If you’re in Catalonia then let Veritas be your first port of call. They don’t have a massive range. It’s not Wholefoods, but it does have more than just the basics. At a cost of course. But we’re all used to that hey.

Whilst on the road we can’t afford to buy organic everything. Those days disappeared not long after I lost my job in England. Gradually, I had to lower my standards and these days it is rare for me to enjoy organic fruit and vegetables, but there are some ingredients that I always buy organic. Such as olive oil. A good quality organic extra-virgin olive oil makes all the difference to a raw salad or sauce. I also buy namu shoyu, seaweeds and honey from Veritas. Along with organic meat for the little one.

Here are some sample prices to get you in the mood. If you’ve not left England, Holland, Germany etc yet, it’s worth seeing if you can pick up any of these items cheaper at Planet Organic, Wholefoods, BioMarkt or your local health food shop:

1 litre olive oil (own brand) €5.95/litre

Nama shoyu €3.35/250ml

Dulse €5.15/5ograms

Agave syrup €3.55/250ml

Bag of baby spinach €2.45/200gm

Yarroh bio dog food €2.30/400gm tin

Own brand soya milk €1.50/1 litre

Own brand rice milk  €1.85/1 litre

3 litres own brand rice milk / €5.55

Organic cotton tampons €4.95/pack of 20

Small artesan granary baguette €1.10ea

Organic sesame crackers/crisp breads  €2.65/ea

Tahini €3.65/200gm

Organic toothpaste €4 to €8/ea

Clearspring sea vegetable salad €9.21/25gms

Organic brown rice €2.19/kg

Barley miso €9.35/300gms

Linseed/flax seed €2.19/100gms

Himalayan sea salt €7.89/kg

Tibetan goji berries €10.95/250g

Ecover washing up liquid €3.60/1 litre

Walnuts (unprocessed) €3.19/90gms

Pine nuts €6.99/90gms

Linwoods (ground linseed, cacao, goji berry mixes) €8.60-€10.90/ea

Sesame oil €5.55/50ml

Linseed oil €3.95/250ml

Veritas also has a small panaderia (bakery) where you can buy good quality organic breads, baguettes, rolls, croissants, cookies, cakes and pizza slices (the range varies daily). The organic croissants are delicious, I can tell you.

They have a fair range of organic fruits and vegetables (again, don’t think Wholefoods or you will be disappointed) but the basics are available, and then some. Generally you can buy cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, onions, lots of different tomatoes, bagged lettuces and greens, dates, spinach, lemons, mangoes and bananas – all organic. All pricey too but that’s organic for you. We have to pay not to have our foods fucked with. Still, despite the expense, buying organic food is a good health protocol.

They have a good range of bottled fruit juices and herbal teas including sencha and mate. Sweeteners range from stevia to honey to brown sugar to rice syrup to fructose, and agave. I’ve not seen any raw agave syrup in the entire time I’ve been in Spain.

There are no specialist raw vegan foods currently available in Veritas. Nor in most of Spain at the moment. Although I did find a raw cacao and maca bar in a tiny organic shop in Bilbao. I bought both and ate them consecutively. Boo hoo.


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