Vida Meva health food shop – Poble Nou, Barcelona

c/ Maria Aguilo, 68

Poble Nou

931 272 319

Monday afternoon: from 16:30hrs to 20:30hrs

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning: from o9hrs to 14hrs and afternoon: from 16:30hrs to 21hrs

Friday morning: from 9h to 21h

Saturday morning: from 09hrs to 14hrs and afternoon from 16:30hrs to 20:00hrs

Vida Meva is a gorgeous organic grocery store, and then some which seems to stock a gigantic variety of products despite its fairly diminutive size.

They have a range of organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables such as fennel, green beans, spinach, endive, chard, leeks and various types of potato. Plus avocadoes, melons, lemons, limes, mangoes, papaya, apples, peaches, pears and grapefruit.They generally have an up-to-date blackboard outside the store that informs you of the current stock of vegetables, along with prices.

They have a selection of organic meats such as beef, chicken, pork and veal. And fresh, organic sausages such as white sausage, Catalan sausage, whip salgot and sausage from Montseny which are probably absolutely rather yum if you like meat and prefer it if it lived a  happy life pre-slaughter. Like Sweep. He’d like them. He’d gobble them down raw. He’s got the teeth and the digestive system to cope with it and who am I to argue with nature.

Other than that they have a small range of pastas, rices, oils, vinegars and condiments.

In addition they have a range of bottled juices such as carrot, pear, apple, orange and peach.

Yogurts again, are locally sourced and many seem to come from Montseny. All are organic and come in either goat or cow varieties.

Cheeses are either made from sheep or goat milk and interestingly a couple are made from raw and unpasteurised milks. Again, all the dairy and non dairy cheeses are organic.

This is a small shop that is gagging for your support and your custom. Products are organic and local for the most part. Get behind them and stop the supermarket giants taking over the fucking world. Yay for Vida Meva!


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