Vintage Lounge – Aiguafreda


Carretera de cap sa sal
17255 Begur

There is a little bit of fondness in my heart for the Vintage Lounge – it’s almost everything I hate – upmarket, trendy and a bit ponsey but with its location perched on a hill and overlooking a crystalline ocean, it’s impossible not to enjoy a languid breakfast amidst beautiful gardens in the open air.

Taking young Mr Sweepy for his morning walk after wild camping in Aiguafreda we came upon this place that was quite honestly gagging like a cheap horny slut to be discovered. A stunning black girl appeared from between tropical (ish) plants like a Bond girl and welcomed us with a Cheshire Cat of a grin and showed us to a seat that overlooked the sea. The sounds of Yann Tiersen at his most melodic and piano-y chirruped in the background like the perfect accompaniment.

We had giant teapots of green tea and then ate disgusting things like freshly baked bread and miniature croissants with jam and butter. Ooh dirty!

I’m sure at night this place with its idyllic location and menu of cocktails turns into a git magnet, but early morning, you feel like you are honeymooning in the Caribbean. Except without the desperate sex and unmet expectations.

There is also a hotel there, but we went for the budget option and wildcamped ten minutes away where we paid €2 a day for the car park which even included some free Flamenco.

It cost approximately €18 for two pots of tea and a basket of bread and croissants served with butter and an assortment of jams and marmalades and shit. A bit pricey innit, but for a one-off decadent treat, less painful than labiaplasty. It was that much of a one-off decadent treat that we went back the next day and did it all over again.

Faultless Fantasy Island setting with great service from a hot girl.

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