Vitaminas & Company juice bar – Barcelona



C/Anselm Clave 29
El Goticko

I was just staggering around weak with hunger making my merry way to La Boqueria to top myself up with fruit juice when I came upon this place.

It’s a teeny, tiny juice bar and café that appeared out of nowhere and is bursting with colour and juices. They sell other things such as empanadas (Argentinian fastfood), baguettes and croissants, coffees and booze but the main reason to come here is for the juices.

The menu is quite impressive. In the general fruit juice category you can choose from  grapefruit, pineapple, apple and lime; carrot, orange, apple and ginger; grapes, lemon and pineapple; kiwi, banana, orange, lemon and chocolate chips; papaya, pear and ginger; orange, lemon and carrot – and that’s to name a few.

The tropical juices section contains combinations such as guava, orange and pineapple; papaya, pineapple, mango, lime and honey; lemon and sugarcane; pineapple, tangerine, coconut milk, banana and shredded coconut; apple, papaya, lime and ginger; or orange, papaya, coconut milk, banana and shredded coconut milk. Again to name a few.

The milkshakes (smoothies/batidos) you can select from include soy milk, cocoa, banana and cinnamon; avocado, kiwi, pear and brown sugar; coconut milk, soya milk, sugar and cinnamon; mango, yogurt, mint and honey; coconut, mango and shredded coconut; and guava, natural yogurt, almonds and honey.

The speciality juice section has some interesting combos worth having a shout about. Eg Vital – which consists of carrot, celery, avocado and cucumber; Purificador de sangre (blood purifier) which contains cucumber, carrot and beetroot and a Regenerator which contains cucumber, celery, onion, tomato and pepper. Again these are just a selection of what’s available.

In the vegetable juice section (which is very exciting – it’s Spain afterall) you can choose from the likes of Jardin Tonica (garden tonic) which contains spinach, tomato, celery and asparagus; Zanahoria Kiss (carrot kiss) which contains simply apple, beetroot and carrot; a Zumo de la Abuela (Grandmother’s juice) which contains parsley, carrots and broccoli. There are more vegetable juices on the menu but you can also ask for your own combination.

I had a Zanahoria Kiss with ginger. Oh and then I had a coconut and mango for research purposes.

Juices cost between €3.20 and €4.50.

They also offer cheap salads although only one is vegan-friendly – the Diet Salad which contains avocado, tomato, lettuce, carrots and lambs lettuce. Can’t vouch for the salads as I’ve never had one. The juice I had was great though.

Inside it is small and brightly coloured. It was busy at breakfast time when I visited, but mostly of Spaniards drinking café con leche. I was the only freak drinking vegetable juices.

They have free wi-fi too.

Sadly, the automatic movement-sensing sliding door might be enough to drive you insane during busier times.

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