Walks around El Chorro, Andalucia

Thw wrought iron cross overlooking El Chorro, Andalucia


The mountainous region of Andalucia stretches across the south of Spain and is a haven of interesting and dynamic places where adventure lurks in wait. El Chorro lies about 60km north of Malaga and offers a number of walks, some safe, some absolutely deadly.

The most famous of them all is the Caminito del Rey which is a narrow pathway 350 feet above the Rio Guadalhorce. Although it has been closed to the public and the first twenty metres of the path destroyed, it still draws masses of visitors hoping to complete the potentially deadly walk. Some manage, some do not.

By way of pacifying those without the skill, equipment or nerve to tackle the Caminito del Rey there are a few small walks that take you near the mouth of the gorge so that you can see the pathway as it winds away into the mountains.

All is not lost and although both pathways are very short (one takes anhour to complete, the other around thirty minutes) there are still some spectacles to witness along the way.

The longer walk takes you over the top of a hill and across the train tracks which climbers use to enter the gorge. On the other side of the Rio Guadalhorce you can see the new hydro station up on top of the mountain. As you go over the top there’s an old shaft that has also been covered with concrete slats. You can see down it and it appears that some people have climbed down inside it. The tunnel disappears in a steep downward direction and was probably a pump shaft for an old hydro station.

The now covered shaft that used to service a hydro station at El Chorro, Andalucia

The now covered shaft that used to service a hydro station at El Chorro, Andalucia

Turning back towards the town takes you up to the top of a bluff where an ornate wrought iron cross sits overlooking the town and river. It is a peaceful spot with wonderful views of the valleys.

Coming back down the slopes you’ll see the abandoned hydro station which was once locked up. Time and curious visitors have done their best to make sure the old fences and gate no longer have any effect and it is possible to explore the tunnels and chambers that once powered the local area.

El Chorro is a fascinating little area with lakes around 6km to the north and rich history. It is serviced by road and train from Malaga.

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